The Characters

The heroine The heroine

Waking up on Necromancer Demens’s dissection table, she can’t remember who she is or what she’s been doing in the Dungeon, but she’s definitely got what it takes to be a heroine: courageously (and head over heels) she’s plunging straight into the adventure, beginning her search for identity and her original goals. Nobody has any idea how close she’ll come to the Dungeon’s dangerous secret – not even the heroine herself...

Dementius is a level-one necromancer. He makes his way through life by selling healing potions to his fence. Every now and then he manages to sell a zombie servant to well-off heroes. Dementius probably didn’t invent the frumpy look, but he’s definitely perfectioned it. His robe is about three sizes too big for him. The cliché is completed by skin as pale as a corpse’s, facial tattoos and the hood, but it wouldn’t be fair to judge Dementius by common standards.

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